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4 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Professional Cleaner

Jul 12

When you make a financial decision, or are considering signing up for a service, it is crucial to be informed. This applies to personal services that help around the home, such as lawn care and professional cleaners.

It is worth doing your research to combine the responsibility of hiring workers and the trust that comes with allowing them to access your home.

There are many questions you should ask when hiring a maid through an experienced cleaner to ensure that you make a sound decision.

These are the four most important questions you should ask before hiring a professional cleaning service.

What is the logistics of a visit from a professional cleaner?

It is important to fit a move in cleaning Nashville service in your schedule and determine the base information. Ask when services are available and ensure it fits in your schedule. It may be more important to find out how long it will take to clean if you are working from home or staying in more frequently.

The rate of the cleaning job is another important piece of information. Different rates may apply depending on the size of each job. It is quick and easy to get a quote from our professional cleaning service.

What Kind of Services Do You Provide?

There are many types of professional cleaning services that you can choose from. There are three major types of our service: an initial or deep clean, recurring cleaning, or green cleaning.

What's the reputation of your cleaning service?

The quality of a cleaning service is evident in the reviews left by others. Our cleaning service is rated five stars on Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. This comes along with a guarantee of 200% satisfaction. We also have a rating of 4.7 out-of-5 stars based on 97 reviews on Google.

If the maid does a good job, the customer should ask about the tipping policy. A little appreciation for a maid who does a great job could make a big difference, especially during holiday season.

Is it Safe to Hire a Professional Cleaner during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

In 2020, your comfort level with allowing someone into your home may have changed. What hasn't changed, however, is the mess in your home that needs to be cleaned. Our cleaning service can safely help.

They will also alter their policies and provide a concise set of steps to help maids arrive at your home. This is to ensure safety for everyone.

Get Rid of All That Chaos Around Your House!

A professional cleaner can make your life easier.

Contact us today to request a quote or to get more time to do other important things.


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